This Ole Boy is doing the Watermelon Crawl

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ABC 7's Line Dance Central is back at it after a couple week hiatus on the dance floor. With new dances and old popular dances making there way back to the Buffalo, Line dancers were in for a treat.

If you did not attend lessons on Thursday, April 17th, here's what you missed:

*NEW* This Ole Boy - beginner level danced to This Ole Boy by Craig Morgan


Watermelon Crawl - beginner/intermediate level danced to Watermelon Crawl by Tracy Byrd


Wave on Wave - beginner/intermediate level danced to Wave on Wave by Pat Green

*NEW* Red Solo Cup - intermediate level danced to Red Solo Cup by Toby Keith

Remember to check out the videos of each lesson as these songs/dances will continue to rock the dance floor with Tim Schalch and ABC 7's Line Dance Central. And remember to always bring your #CountrySwag.