New Dances: Electric Cowboy & Crazy Legs

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If you attended classes with instructor, Tim Schalch, last week at the White Buffalo Saloon, then you were in for a real treat. It was a cowboy kind of night with multiple "cowboy" named dances:

Cowboy Charleston - beginner level, danced to Little White Church by Little Big Town.

Funky Cowboy - beginner/intermediate level, danced to That's My Kind of Night by Luke Bryan

Electric Cowboy - Intermediate/Advanced level, danced to I'm a Cowboy by Smokin' Armadillos - this was an exciting dance as there are a total of 80 counts (the average count per dance is 32)!

Crazy Legs - Intermediate level, danced to Friday Night by Eric Paslay and Old Pop in an Oak by Rednex.

Be sure to check out the videos of each lesson as these songs/dances will continue to rock the dance floor at the White Buffalo Saloon.