Girls have Gone Wild as they 1-up their skills

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“All My Friends Say” that the “Girls Gone Wild” with their “Crazy Legs” on Thursday nights as they take the dance floor and “1-up” their skill level. Last week, Line Dance Central (LDC) brought back some popular dances to the venue. If you weren’t in attendance, here’s what you missed:



Girls Gone Wild: Beginner level danced to Girls Gone Wild by Travis Tritt



1-Up: Beginner/Intermediate level danced to Creepin’ by Eric Church and Dixieland Delight by Alabama



Crazy Legs: Intermediate level danced to Friday Night by Eric Paslay and Old Pop in an Oak by Rednex


All My Friends: Beginner level danced to All My Friends Say by Luke Bryan

Be sure to check out the videos of each lesson as these songs/dances will continue to rock the dance floor with Tim Schalch and ABC 7's Line Dance Central