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SARASOTA, FL (WWSB) -Vincent Genna talks to dead people.

And he says he uses his psychic abilities to guide the living, by taping into messages from beyond, and helping us develop our own psychic powers.

He is a gifted Psychic Medium, Spiritual Mentor and a Licensed Psychotherapist with years of working with people in hospice who are passing over.

He says we all have intuitive or psychic abilities. We need only awaken them. He says we can contract those on the other side.

And he can help us use what we learn to improve our lives.

"With all my experience and abilities, I empower people to unblock and release their passions and purpose and give them the key to make everything they attempt work.

I can guide people not only to recognize what is preventing them from healing or attaining their dreams, but the necessary steps to get there."

He gives 4 steps to awaking our own psychic abilities. 1. Believe in Collective Unconscious or Universal mind. Number 2, Clear your mind of negativity, doubts and fears. Number 3 Meditate. Set aside a time to meditate daily. Be still and Listen. And Number 4 Honor your inner voice . Because to honor is to know. Believe what you see, hear , feel from your inner voice. You can see Vincent in person.

tonight. He presents "An Evening of Mediumship Messages" at the Sarasota Center of Light " and he'll also be there Saturday for a presentation of "Be Dr. Doolittle, Learn to talk with the animals".

For more information go to sarasotacenteroflight.com

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