KFC selling internet escape pod for $10,000

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(CNN) – It may not be finger-lickin' good, but KFC is selling a tent-like structure to help you enjoy some tech-free quiet time.

KFC has an "internet escape pod" available for sale this Cyber Monday.

The dome has a special force field which can disrupt the world wide web from reaching your phone, laptop, and other devices. It even has a fried chicken-leg doorknob.

KFC joked that it was thinking of selling the pod for just over $96,000. However, in the spirit of Cyber Monday, they changed the price to an even $10,000.

These pods were made in the USA from high-density foam and enamel paint.

More information is posted on KFC's website.

Also available for purchase on the website is a pillow with the Colonel’s face on it, so it looks like you are facing him while you sleep.

Other items for sale on the website are necklaces that say “finger lickin' good” in gold script, socks with a chicken drumstick pattern, T-shirts and more.

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