Contact and Cosmology Book Review

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Review of Contact and Cosmology by Author Georg Breckmann

Rarely does one find a book as packed with detailed up-close personal investigations of intelligent life from other worlds as Contact and Cosmology, formerly known as Channeling the Visitors. Narrow minded, some may keep trying to close minds to the truth of intelligent life including our own, but Breckmann uses a variety of techniques to probe the true, the taboo, the rumored, and the interesting!

Contact and Cosmology is a serious and scholarly work based on real life experienced by different individuals. Not favoring any single agenda, this book explores the multiverse providing real and practical views of life in which different groups of Extra-Terrestrials participate.

Those who do not mean humans well nor want each to develop healthy potential won't want you to read this book. Life, by its very nature, IS intelligent, creative and non-conforming -- taboo even to its enemies and users. If you read this book, you just might reach the same conclusion we did: that there are highly evolved beings connected directly to the heart of the multiverse who Wish us Well. This book isn't about complicated labels nor selective withholding of truth. It is also not just another piece of pulp fictionlike well-worn scare story of another new apocalypse date like 2012 -- just straight stuff from different angles of historical research, scientific and metaphysical exploration. In short, it's not selling anything or promoting any one central cause.

Here Channelers and ETs tell how ETs groups worked with different races. According to Breckman, the different races have different offworld sponsors, and bad ETs have caused humans to enter into agreements, misunderstandings and practices which seal off and redirect much of the natural individual consciousness here. In each chapter, author Georg Breckmann interviews different experiencers and field experts. Go with him on the journeys to experience the unusual which resonates as true, told directly from several completely different perspectives. Even though each chapter could be developed into its own book, an overall picture and new understanding emerges with appreciation for some (not all!) of the Visitors.

Uniquely this book also takes an unexpected turn into a rarely seen Norse Shaman Odinism instruction and then moves into European Folk history. The book never resorts to the shallow and sensational nor does it attempt to coerce understanding (these techniques signal dishonest influence). It merely presents.

Cutting across cultural barriers and taboos, it offers a fresh renewed exploration of Nordic Paganism, or, Odinism. This book also explains through the lens of channeled information some aspects history that is rarely discussed. It is refreshing to read a timely and timeless book that does not offer pat answers, but provides a realistic larger context of human antiquity. Rarely discussed in the limiting mass media, our earth's timeline includes a cosmic process of humans working together with many beings, awakening potential. This books takes us beyond known borders and is both positive and encouraging.

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