Bubbles The Chimp ... Living Out Retirement on The Suncoast

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WAUCHULA, FL  (WWSB) - He was one of the most famous chimpanzees in entertainment history. Bubbles, the chimp, rose to stardom as the pet of the late pop star Michael Jackson. During the 80's, the chimp accompanied Jackson on his Japanese tour and made many promotional appearances. As Bubbles grew older and stronger, he was retired from showbiz and now, at the age of 34, lives out his days with other chimps at the Center for Great Apes sanctuary in Wauchula. 

The 120 acre center has provided a safe home for 23 orangutans and 35 chimpanzees over the years. Since the center is designated as a sanctuary (and not a zoo that relies on admission fees), they are in continuous need for help.

They currently offer a symbolic "Adopt An Ape" program for either a monthly or annual rate that goes toward the costs of food, medical care, and habitat maintenance. 

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For more on "Adopt An Ape" and their unique workshops head online to CenterForGreatApes.org.