ABC "Bachelor" Juan Pablo visits Renee Oteri for Suncoast date

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SARASOTA, Fla. - ABC Bachelor Juan Pablo headed to the Suncoast for a hometown date with Sarasota realtor and photographer Renee Oteri.

Renee made it to the final four women on the show.  Each of them brought Juan Pablo to their hometowns.

Renee and Juan Pablo visited Siesta Beach and played a little ball at Twin Lakes Park with Renee's son, Ben.  They also visited Renee's parents and brother, but when it came time for the rose ceremony, Renee didn't receive a rose and was sent home.  Still, Renee bowed out gracefully and with class.

Based on the reaction we've seen on Twitter and the MySuncoast Facebook page, Renee was a fan favorite with many of the show's viewers commenting on her genuine and kind personality.

There is another episode of The Bachelor Tuesday night.  The three remaining women head with Juan Pablo to the fantasy suites.  You can watch it on ABC 7 at 8:00 PM.