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Employees work to transition Virgil Mills Elementary from storm shelter, back to school

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The buzz of cleaning machines rang throughout Virgil Mills Elementary as custodians worked to transition the building from a storm shelter back to a school.  

Across the Manatee County School District, leaders say they were lucky most places only had minimal structural damage.

"Our damage is limited to some roofing damage and some water intrusion in through the roof systems and doors and we had some stadium issues, some lights with that speed of wind," said Henson. 

And there was a bit of a mess in some of the cafeterias, where food spoiled from the loss of power. 

"Eleven of the schools lost all their food. Managers are in the process of entering new orders, which will be delivered on Thursday and Friday,"  said district director of food services, Regina Thoma. 

The challenge now is that some of schools still don't have power fully restored. 

"We have three that have absolutely no power. We have three working off a generator," said Dr. Greene. 

And they need that electricity to complete the clean up process. 

Still, district leaders are optimistic and say they're confident that by Monday, everything will be ready to go.

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