It's been quite a week in our Nation's Capital.  While I don't usually comment on national politics, the extraordinary events in Washington cannot be ignored.  So today, some historical perspective via my own personal journey.

Fifty years ago, in 1967 I graduated from high school in my hometown, Cincinnati Ohio.  Actually, the Graduation Ceremony was cancelled because a State of Marshal Law had been declared to control what were then called "Race Riots".  It was quite a site for a young kid.  National Guard units driving down main street with fifty millimeter machine guns mounted on their jeeps.

Fifty years ago in 1967 American was mired that was the word back then.  in the Vietnam War.  Isolated from most of our allies, our Nation divided, the cold war in full force.

Eighteen year old boys graduating from High School either went to College and got an exemption, or got drafted and sent overseas to fight for a cause most of the country did not believe in by the time the conflict ended.

There was Watergate, there were assassinations, John and  Martin, Bobby and Malcolm.  The point is American fifty years ago made Trump-World, Comey hearings and Russia-gate look like Mayberry USA.

Not to make light of the mess we're in right now.  Russia meddling in our Election is very serious stuff, but it might be helpful if we kept the drama in perspective.  So here's a tip, spend less time in front of the tube, hypnotized by the carnival chorus of so called breaking news on cable.

Make time to read about American History, and while you're at it, check out the Year 1967, the year I graduated from High School.

And this just in, The Year the 25th Amendment was adopted.  Look that one up.

I'm Steve Sabato and we'd like to hear from you.