Living Green: Zero Electric Motorcycles

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Motorcycles offer an exhilarating and thrifty way to get around town. But now, there's a greener way to enjoy two wheels and you won't use a drop of gasoline!

Hap's Cycle Sales President Bob Poneleit is hooked on the sound of electric power. He's been riding motorcycles since 1956 and is blown away by the Zero electric motorcycle. "There's no other machine right now with two wheels that competes with this product," says Poneleit.

Hap's just started selling the zero. It utilizes lithium ion batteries and an electric motor to create a very unique riding experience.

"I have not found a biker yet and I mean of any breed of motorcyclist that rides that has gotten on this machine and didn't come back with a smile on their face, going... oh my gosh, I had no idea!" says Poneleit.

There are several different models that allow riders to travel from 40 to more than 100 miles on a single charge, at speeds topping 80 miles an hour. When the battery gets low, just plug it in to any outlet. Poneleit is convinced, the future of eco-friendly motorcycling may not only be closer than it appears, it's here now.

"This is not an over the counter toy, this is a full fledged, serious motorcycle," says Poneleit.

Prices start at around $8,000 and go up to more than $14,000 for the top model that has the longest range.

But test rides are free at Hap's Cycle Sales. For more information, visit: or