YouTube video claims to show skunk ape in Myakka River State Park

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SARASOTA COUNTY, Fla. - People are once again claiming that they have spotted the rare and elusive skunk ape. They say they spotted Florida's version of Bigfoot at Myakka River State Park. But could it be?

A video that was reportedly taken on March 2nd 2013 in the state park was posted to YouTube -- yes it's grainy, and the creature is far away -- but it appears to show some what some people say is a human-like form; perhaps a wild beast, perhaps a man in a gorilla suit.

Either way, several people stopped their cars along the road to snap photos. One group was even trying to catch up with the creature.

Others claim they found its tracks in the area where they saw it preying on a deer.

The best views of the creature are at the 2:03-2:08 mark of the video. We’ll let you decide what it was.

This is not the first time somebody has claimed to photograph a skunk ape in Sarasota County.  A Sarasota woman took photos of what she first though was an orangatan near I-75.  She sent the photos and a letter to the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office detailing the encounter.