Great white swims from Suncoast to Daytona

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SARASOTA, Fla. -- Over the last few months we have been tracking two great white sharks in the Gulf of Mexico. Both had been getting fairly close to the Suncoast, but at least one has fled for the other side of the state.

Sharks named Betsy and Katharine were both tagged off Cape Cod last year by researchers with Ocearch and Mote Marine last August with a satellite tracking device so scientists could keep an eye on the huge fish.

Earlier this month, Katharine had been lurking a good distance off Sarasota County, coming to within about 50 miles of Venice on July 6th. But she has since apparently been very active, getting tracked off the upper Florida Keys on the 17th, off Palm Beach county on the 19th, and then off Daytona Beach on Monday.

As for Betsy, researchers haven't picked up her signal since last month, when she was off the coast of Cape Coral.

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