Great white shark shocks Sarasota marine biologists

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SARASOTA, Fla. - Marine scientists have made a ground-breaking discovery that challenges all current research about great white sharks.

For the first time, a great white was tracked swimming into the Eastern Atlantic, and scientists are waiting to see if it heads toward the European Coast.

In March 2013 Mote Marine scientists caught a shark a few hundred yards off the coast of Jacksonville. They named it 'Lydia,' attached satellite tags to her fins and let her go, unsure of how far she'd travel.

Since then she's traveled about 20,000 miles, according to Dr. Hueter with Mote Marine Lab.

On Sunday Lydia was tracked somewhere scientists never expected - the Eastern Atlantic. It's the first evidence of any white sharks from the U.S. coast crossing over to the European side.

Scientists say it opens up new ways of understanding the movement patterns and habitats of sharks. Now they're eager to see where she swims to next. Dr. Hueter believes she may swim close to Ireland, or possible return toward Florida.

Her satellite tag is designed to work for another four years. And you can track it all online at