Dream 18: Twin Isles Country Club, No. 4

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Hole No. 4 is a challenging Par 3 that plays 185 yards from the back tees. 

The putting surface is slightly elevated and is approximately 70’ deep by 94’ wide.  It is guarded by 2 bunkers, a small deep one front left and a long narrow one behind. 

The key is to land the ball on the fly because most balls hit short, stay short ,but there is still no guarantee of putting as it tends to be firm and a lot of balls end up towards the back, if not over. 

A high ball flight is the key.  Once on many putts are makeable as to the size of the putting surface and that, with a couple slight exceptions, does not have a lot of break.  Par is a good number walk off with but bogey will not set you back too much.