Districts could be issue for North Port

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NORTH PORT, FL - In November the majority of North Port voters approving districts for city commissioners. This week current city leaders learning about the challenges of setting them up.

Basically it will call for each commissioner to live in a certain area of town even though all residents can vote for all commissioners. The goal is to make sure commissioners are coming from different areas.

Current city leaders have about a year to figure out how the lines will be drawn. They started with a workshop this week. Concerns are growing about how often and expensive it will be for the growing city to continually redo the districts. Already looking at hiring a consultant.

There is also concern about finding enough candidates in each district of about 12,000 citizens each. What happens if only one person runs? What happens if nobody runs? "If you minimize and limit that area you may be minimizing the opportunity that you have to have someone from that district. Even if you get one person will you get two?" says North Port City Mayor Linda Yates. The Mayor says they will have to find a way to make it work because voters have already decided.

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