Warm Goat Cheese Salad with Currents Restaurant at the Hyatt Regency Sarasota

Warm Goat Cheese Salad


1oz Baby Spinach

1 head Belgian Endive

Red Beets 1 each

Bosc Pear 1 each

Red Seedless Grapes 8 each

1oz Walnuts

2oz Fresh Goat Cheese

Gluten-free bread 1 slice

Raspberry Vinaigrette:

½ cup Fresh Raspberries

1tsp Dijon Mustard

2tbsp Cane Sugar

½ cup Olive Oil/Salad Oil

½ cup Tarragon (chopped)

¼ cup Red Wine Vinegar


Slice endive on a bias, creating half moon slices. Roast and peel the beet, allow to cool and large dice. Julienne the pear (leaving on the skin is ok).  Cut the grapes in half, set aside. Toast the walnuts, set aside. Place the gluten free bread in food processor until a medium to light crumb is formed. Cut the goat cheese into 1 oz pucks, cover with the bread crumbs and toast in a pan with some oil. Toss the spinach, grapes, beets, pear, endive, and walnuts with the dressing. Serve with the toasted goat cheese.


Blend the fresh raspberries until a puree is formed, strain off the seeds through a sieve. Add mustard, tarragon, cane sugar, vinegar. Mix until the sugar is dissolved. Gradually add the oil while whisking.