Vegan "Beyond Beef" Burger from Muse at the Ringling | Suncoast View

Vegan Beyond Beef Burger with Sriracha Veganaise and Marinated Kale, served with a side house salad

1 Beyond Beef Patty

1/4 cup veganaise

1 tbs sriracha

1 stalk of fresh kale

1/4 cup lemon juice

1 tbs salt

1/4 c EVOO

1.5 cup artisan greens

1 ounce lemon vinaigrette


Flatten patty to the size of your bun

Place sauté on medium heat with 1/4 c EVOO

Cook patty until both sides are golden brown.

While patty is cooking, chop kale into 1 inch pieces.

Place into mixing bowl and add salt, lemon juice and EVOO. Mix together.

Place Veganaise into mixing bowl and add Sriracha. Fold together.

Now assemble burger.