Surf 'n Turf Grilled Caesar from Libby's Cafe & Bar

Surf 'n Turf Grilled Caesar


5 oz Filet Mignon 

4 Jumbo Shrimp

1/2 Romaine Heart

3 oz Libby's house made Caesar dressing

4 roasted garlic cloves for garnish

4 grape tomatoes for garnish

1 oz shaved Parmesan 

1/2 oz fresh garlic herb oil

Salt n Pepper

garlic focaccia stick


1.  Season the steak with some salt n pepper and a little of the garlic herb oil and then season the shrimp the same way.

2. Grill your steak to desired temperature.

3. When the steak is almost ready put the shrimp on the grill for about 3 to 4 minutes on a nice hot grill or saute pan.

4. Brush the half of romaine heart with the garlic herb oil and season with salt 'n pepper.

5. Lay romaine half face down on a hot grill or a large hot saute pan for about 10 seconds.

6. Take the romaine grill side up and put it on a plate drizzle the Caesar dressing over the romaine heart then add the shaved parm.

7. Slice the steak and lay it right next to the romaine.

8. Place focaccia across the romaine heart and lastly lay the shrimp on the focaccia stick.