Warm Poached Pear

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• 6 pears, cored still intact

• ½ quart cranberry juice

• 2 cups pomegranate juice

• Orange zest

• 1 cup apple juice

• 2 star anise

• 2 cinnamon sticks, whole

• 2 teaspoons cloves, whole


• Carfully remove the seed core from all pears. Leave intact and do not remove stem.

• In sauce pot, add juices and all spices along with cored pears.

• Bring to gentil boil, cover pot and simmer for 25-35 min until pears are soft (cooking time may vary with of pear used).

• Remove from heat and gently place pears, spices and cooking liquid in sealable container.

• Cool quickly.

Salted Caramel Sauce

• 2 cups sugar, granulated

• ½ lbs butter

• 2 cups heavy cream

• 1 tssp sea salt, course


• Melt sugar and butter together over medium flame until sugar is fully carmelized but not quite beginning to smoke.

• Remove from flame and add half the cream.

* Be very careful, as liquid caramel is very dangerous and capable of serious burn injuries.

• The caramel will quickly react by boiling up immediately. Using a long whisk, stir until boiling slows and then add remaining cream. If chunky, keep spirring until chunks dissolve.

• Cool sauce. Server over pears