11/28/12 - Sarasota style Cioppino

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12ea - Gulf Shrimp

8ea - Clams

12ea - 1oz pcs - Local Fish (Grouper, Flounder, etc)

24oz - Clam Stock (see recipe)

½ cup – Pinot Grigio wine

½ cup - Tomato sauce (see recipe)

3 TBS - Sliced Garlic

¼ cup – ¼ Diced Shallots

Peel from 1 Orange

½ TBS - Chili Flakes

Salt and pepper to taste

Tomato sauce recipe:

½ cup - ¼” diced Yellow Onions

4ea – Tomatoes (very ripe) Grated on a cheese grater (discard skins)

3 TBS – Extra virgin olive oil

3 TBS – Chopped Basil


Cook onions until caramelized then add grated tomatoes and simmer until all the liquid is nearly gone. Pulse in a food processor until slightly chunky.

Clam Stock Recipe:

2# - Medium size clams scubbed and soaked in water for 20 minutes to purge sand

1oz – Extra virgin olive oil

12oz – Peeled carrots

8oz – Diced Leeks rinsed and free from dirt

8oz – Chopped celery

3 TBS - Lemon Juice

1 cup –Pinot Grigio wine

1/4oz - Oregano

1/4oz - Thyme

Water – enough to cover stock items by 1”

Salt to taste

Method for Clam Stock:

1 – In a large pot combine all vegetables and herbs and cook until caramelized then deglaze with wine and lemon juice **Turn off flames when adding wine to prevent flame ups**

2- Add clams and cover with water and bring to a boil and reduce to simmer

3 – Simmer stock for 1 hour then strain out all items reserving just the liquid (discard shells and other items)

Method for Cioppino:

1 -Start by cooking the garlic and shallots until slightly caramelized

2 -Deglaze with wine and reduce by ¾ volume ** Turn off flames when adding wine to prevent flame ups**

3 –Add shellfish and cook for 3 minutes (make sure that all clams open if not discard the unopened ones)

4 –Add Clam stock, tomato sauce, orange peel and chili flakes then bring to boil

5 – Remove from heat and add fish then let stand for 4 minutes and serve