2/22/13 - Pan Seared MahiMahi

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2 – MahiMahi filets, skinlees, boneless

16 – Italian candied cherries, syrup drained

16 – almonds, roasted and chopped

4 oz - orange liqueur

1 TB – Pomegranate molasses

1 TB - olive oil, extra virgin

salt and pepper to taste

Heat skillet very hot. Season Mahi filets with salt & pepper.

Add oil to skillet and then Mahi, flesh side down – skinned side up.

Cook fish for at least 3 minutes per side until internal flesh is opaque throughout. Remove cooked fish skillet a set aside to rest. Add cherries to hot skillet and cook until skins begin to blister. Add liqueur but be very careful if working with open flame as it is highly flammable.

Place fish on serving plate. Once flame from liqueur dies down pour cherries over fish. Garnish with toasted almonds and drizzle molasses around fish.