Lunch with Chef Judi: The Lazy Lobster of Longboat

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Segment featured dishes:

"Kacey's Orange Blossom Bee Sting Mahi"

Seet & spicy glaze basted over char-grilled mahi, served with rice pilaf & vegetable.

Ingredients: sauce; orange juice, brown sugar, orange marmalade, jalapenos, pineapple juice, cayenne pepper, chicken stock and sherry.

"Shrimp 3 Ways"

Samples of our famous crab stuffed shrimp “Norma”, lemon pepper grilled shrimp & sauteed shrimp scampi, served with rice pilaf & vegetable.

"Lazy Surf & Turf"

½ seafood stuffed Maine lobster, paired with a center cut 5 oz. grilled filet mignon, served with potato gratin & vegetable.


Warm bacon dressing

The dressing is served with spinach salad.


  • 2 pounds coarsely chopped bacon
  • 1 pound light brown sugar
  • 7 ounces honey (by weight)
  • 22 ounces red wine vinegar (by volume)


1. Place bacon in the freezer in the pan for a half-hour.

2. Cook bacon in a pot over medium heat until just cooked without letting it become brown or crisp.

3. Add sugar, vinegar and honey and continue cooking just below a boil for six to eight minutes. Let the mixture cool, and remove about half of the fat that has solidified on the top. The bacon fat is key to the flavor. The recipe is best made a day in advance.

4. Serve with salad.

Potato Crusted Grouper with Grain Mustard Beurre Blanc Sauce

  • Fresh Grouper fillets (7oz), seasoned and slightly pounded thin.
  • Hash browns, frozen is ok
  • Egg wash (beaten eggs with water or milk)
  • All-purpose flour.

In a hot 9in sauté pan, with a liberal amount of oil or clarified butter, add has browns to cover the bottom of the pan-season.

Flour the grouper, dip in egg wash, and place on top of hash browns 2 pieces per pan.

With a spatula, fold the sides of the hash browns around the grouper (may have to do this several times-as the hash browns crisp they will stick to the eggs on the fish. When hash browns are crisp and brown, it takes a little skill to flip it in the pan, you can use a spatula to help, this may take a few tries to perfect the technique but I am sure they will be fine.

For the sauce, you will need white wine, cream, butter, and whole grain mustard.

-Reduce the white wine 50% about 2-3 cups should due

-Add the cream, about 2 cups- reduce again 50%-Take off the heat, add 3 tbsps. soft butter, 3 tbsp. mustard, season to taste.

Augusta Sauce – sauce option for fresh catch

In a medium cooking pot sauté one tablespoon of garlic with one sliced red onion. Then simmer until translucent. Add two cups of white wine then cook till reduced by half. Next add one can of crushed tomatoes and ¼ cup of scampi butter, oregano, basil, and simmer till hot. Add salt and pepper to your tasting. Use fresh ingredients for better taste.

Lemon Sauce for Flounder Francaise

Put one qt of heavy cream in a medium cooking pot and cook until reduced by half. Next add one cup of scampi butter, ¼ cup of REAL lemon juice, ¼ cup of Chablis cooking wine. Cook until hot. Add salt and pepper to taste!

To achieve desired thickness of these sauces it will take practice and patience. The technique of the lemon sole francaise sauce is a practiced art. Egg wash is the chef’s preference. Ours uses lemon and wine to lighten the egg flavor. When sautéed in oil use seasoned flour, flour, egg.

then flour again on one side of the fish, flesh side down. Use lemon juice

and wine to finish the cooking process then add lemon sauce!


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