Lunch With Chef Judi: Ezra Cafe

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I wish you could join me for lunch because I have some great food. Ezra Café has been a hidden gem for the past 10 years.

The food has a West Coast flair to it, with a hint of Asian inspiration, like the Crispy Cracklin’ Calamari Salad, or their twist to the Bento Box.

There’s lots of mainstream Americano here too, as well -- things like portabello fries with a great dipping sauce, wonderful steak sandwiches, and you're going to find some of my favorite entrees that I've been coming here for years to enjoy.

The new owner is bringing in a few upgrades and new dishes, but the flavor and favorite dishes remain as delicious as ever. Finish off with their signature chocolate chip cookies!

Ezra Cafe is located at 5629 Manatee Avenue West in Bradenton.


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