4/12/13 - Lunch with Chef Judi - Star Keeper Café

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Star Keeper Café is the quintessential little gem that every town or city in America desires. Tucked behind Main Street and Ringling on Bamboo Street, parking is limited but trust me, you won’t mind walking a block or two to get there. Somewhere between shabby sheik and farm table décor, Star keeper is a throw- back to a simpler time. The food is inspired from memories of grandmother’s kitchens and church suppers with a healthier, fresher touch…well except for those made to order donuts…

Some of my favorites:

The Cuban sandwich

The meatloaf sandwich- it is huge

Berry French toast

Basil tomato soup with parmesan ice cream—really!

Homemade marshmallows (on days that aren’t too humid)

Kids eat free on Weds, even if you are in your 70’s as long as you come with your parent. How cute is that.

They cater and decorate and just have a whole lot of fun.


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