11/12/12 - Evil Jungle

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1 cup mixed vegetables


1/4 Medium size yellow onion


1/4 lb Raw shrimps


1/4 Cup of  fresh thai basil


3 oz coconut milk


1 tsp Vegetable oil


1 clove fresh garlic


1/2  stem lemon grass


2 leaves of kiffir lime leaves


2 pinches of salt


 pinch of sugar


How to cook


Heat the pan on medium heat then add vegetable oil along with chopped garlic and sliced yellow onion then stir for about 5 seconds

then add raw shrimps, chopped lemon grass, chopped kiffir lime leaves, keep stirring until shrimps are half way cooked.


Add coconut milk, basil, mixed vegetables, pinch sugar and salt. Stir them up and cover them til vegetables and shrimps cooked.


Serve with jasmine rice