11/5/12 - Braised Pork Shoulder with Apple Cider And Ginger Beer

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1 5-6 pound boneless pork shoulder

1 12oz bottle strong ginger beer

2 cups apple cider

3 cups chicken stock

12 garlic cloves whole

6 shallots halved

2 apples peeled and quartered

3 sprigs rosemary



Olive oil

Preheat oven to three hundred degrees, season pork with salt and pepper and sear in an oven proof pot until browned on all sides. Add shallots, garlic, apples, stock, cider, and ginger beer. Bring to a boil over high heat, cover, and place in oven. Braises between 4-5 hours and let cool at room temperature, then refrigerate overnight. Remove fat from the top of the liquid and slice pork thinly. Preheat oven to three hundred fifty degrees. Add sliced pork to a baking pan and add 2 cups of braising liquid to cover half way. Cover with foil and bake until pork is heated through, 10-15 minutes. Place remaining liquid back onto the stove and reduce for 10-15 minutes. Arrange pork on platter and drizzle sauce over the top.

Serve with mashed parsnips and red potatoes.