10/22/12 - BBQ Shrimp

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BBQ Shrimp

Serves one;

16/20 shrimp cleaned and marinated 5ea.

Salt and pepper mixed ½ and ½ -1/4 teaspoon

Bbq butter 3 ounces

Chardonnay 1 ½ ounces

Heat sauté pan over medium high heat add shrimp and cook 1½ minutes per side.

Reduce heat to low and add wine, cooking for 20 seconds.

Add butter to pan and mix to a creamy consistency.

BBQ butter;

Butter room temperature 1#

Garlic minced 1 tablespoon

Black pepper fresh ground 1tablespoon

Paprika ½ tablespoon

Rosemary fresh chopped 1/8 ounce

Cayenne pepper ½ teaspoon

Tabasco 3 dashes

Lea and perrins .5oz

Melt ¼ pound butter in saute pan and add garlic. Saute 2-3 minutes, remove from heat and cool to room temperature.

Place butter mixture in mixing bowl and add remaining ingredients and mix well.

Store refrigerated up to 5 days.