Bacon wrapped filet and stuffed shrimp

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filet mignon 4
jumbo shrimp 8
lump crabmeat  1 lb
mustard 3 tbsp
mayo 4 tbsp
lemon juice 2 tbsp
old bay 1.5 tbsp
bread crumbs 5 tbsp
salt and pep.  to taste
parsely 2 tbsp
bacon  4 pcs.
  Step 1: par cook bacon 2 mins at 375       
  Step 2: wrap filets and use a toothpick to hold bacon in place
    to hold bacon in place      
  Step 3: in a medium mixing bowl combine all ingrediants for stuffing bowl      
  combine all ingrediants        
  Step 4: butterfly jumbo shrimp and fill each one with 1.5 oz crab stuffing top with parm cheese  mp and      
  fill each one with 1 oz stuffing        
  Step 5: sear steaks and finish in a  h in 350      
  oven with shrimp for 8 mins.