Q&A with The Table Creekside's Pedro Flores and Ila Edwards

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Chef Judi: How do you both think your cuisine and cocktails compliment together?

Ila Edwards: We both feel each other’s creations are full of flavors and highlight all ingredient used behind the line and bar. We have tried to move with the farm-to-bar movement and blur the lines between chef and bar chef. Pairing beers and wines with food has always been the traditional way to go, now creating a beautiful cocktail to suit a dish can go so much further than before. In some of our events, the cocktails will drive the inspiration for food and vice versa. It's a very collaborative effort, we have a lot of fun!

What has each of you learned from the other that inspires how you make your dishes and craft drinks?

Ila: We inspire each other by talking about new products because we both constantly want to be innovative. When chef Pedro rolled out his roasted peach chop salad, it inspired me to infuse my peach bourbon for our house old fashioned

What do you both eat on your day off?

Pedro: I go fishing and what I catch I cook for my family.

Ila: I like to cook southern style soul food like Barbeque ribs, collard greens, potatoes, and beer bread! Yum!

I love hearing your stories about ultimate pig-outs at other restaurants like Yummy House. Do you have a record of how many dishes you tried in one meal?

Pedro: When we all go out we like to try everything and always order to much, it’s fun, the most we have ordered in on sitting is 15 to 20 dishes at once.

If you weren't in the restaurant business where would you both be?

Ila: I would be an architect.

Pedro: I would be a lawyer.

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