New Year's Lobster Florentine from Harry's Continental Kitchens

New Year’s Lobster Florentine

Harry’s Continental Kitchens

Dinner for 4 people


4 8 ounces Lobster Tails (Cracked and De-shelled) (Cut in quarters)

8 ounces Butter

2 ounces white wine

1 teaspoon garlic diced

1 teaspoon shallots diced

1 sprig of thyme

1 lemon (juiced)

Salt and Pepper

4 ounces heavy cream

8 ounces Fresh baby Arugula

8 ounces Fresh Baby Spinach

8 ounces shredded Parmesan cheese

8 ounces Fresh Mozzarella (Cubed)

4 Slice of Ciabatta Bread (Cubed)


In sautéed pan, add butter, white wine lemon juice, garlic, thyme and shallots. Bring to a simmer. Add lobster tails and salt and pepper. Poach lobster until half done (about 3 minutes). Remove Lobster meat from pan and set aside. Continue cooking poaching butter mixture. Add arugula, spinach and heavy cream, Reduce. Once greens are cooked and liquid has reduced transfer to a oven safe dish. Place lobster meat on top of creamy greens. Sprinkle ciabatta bread, fresh mozzarella and fresh Parmesan evenly over lobster and greens. Bake in oven at 400 degrees for 13-15 minutes and finish under the broiler if needs more color on top. Enjoy!