French Beef Burgundy from C'est la Vie!

Servings: 6 persons

Beef burgundy is a classic french stew and usually is a comforting weekend dinner when you have time to simmer the ingredients for hours on end and fill the house with the aroma of a delicious family meal.

This meal is available at C’est la Vie ! restaurant.

Ingredients :

-          2 lbs boneless stew beef

-          salt and pepper

-          2 onions

-          1 bottle of red wine

-          ½ lbs onions pearl

-          1 celery

-          olive oil

-          potatoes

-          5 oz of base beef

 Directions :

  1. Marinate the stew beef during 24 hours with the red wine, carrots dice, onions dice and celery dice.
  2. Drain the meat to separate from the marinade.
  3. In a pot pan, bring 1 liter of cold water and 5oz of base beef to boil and keep the base beef for after.
  4. Cook the meat with salt and pepper in very hot oil during 5 minutes to get cooking juice in a pot pan in order to brown all the sides of the meat.

Take out all the meat.

  1. Add in the pot pan the onions pearl and deglaze with the marinade as described above always over a high heat.
  2. Add the meat in the pot pan and reduce 10 minutes by adding the base beef as described in point 3 always over a high heat. This allows removing acidity from wine.
  3. Cook during 1 hour over medium heat and don’t forget to check the food periodically throughout the cooking process to ensure the best quality meal. If you want, you can add mushrooms.

Serve beef burgundy with fettuccini or boiled potatoes.