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Every Tuesday from 5-9 p.m., Jalea on Main Street is offering two-for-one Spanish and Peruvian tapas. Enjoy them as an appetizer or put a meal together of small plates when you pair the tapas with your favorite wine or cocktail.

Jalea (pronounced hah-LAY-ah) is Sarasota’s newest Peruvian café that features Spanish favorites too. The average price for tapas is $8. There are eight to choose from including the house specialty, Leche De Tigre which is a Peruvian preparation of tiny pieces of delicately marinated white fish, Peruvian white corn, onions and ceviche juice. It is garnished with a grilled shrimp and served in a stemmed liqueur glass. As glamorous and it is delicious. Other choices are calamari with housemade tartar sauce, beer-marinated chicken wings, steamed mussels with cilantro and lime, yucca fries with special sauce and lots more.

Jalea is located at: 1532 Main Street www.JaleaSarasota.com

Serving lunch, dinner, inspired cocktails and Sangria 7 days a week.