Café Americano Honors Mothers with a special invitation and certificate

SARASOTA, Fla. -- Café Americano Honors Mothers with a special invitation and certificate.

In downtown Sarasota, Café Americano is honoring mothers with an invitation to celebrate this national observance on Sunday, May 11, and for months after. When you come for dinner on Mother’s Day, there will be a complimentary dessert for all moms as well as a $20 gift certificate (good until July 15) for all moms that can be applied to dinner after Mother’s Day.

“Mothers should be honored and celebrated every day of the year and this is just a nice reminder to all us of to do that,” said Ambrish Piare, the proprietor of Café Americano.” “We plan treat moms as special guests on Mother’s Day for dinner, but we want these wonderful mothers to come back and enjoy the Café Americano experience on just an ordinary day too.”

Some of the dinner menu items to temp mom include: rigatoni with four cheeses, grilled diver-New Bedford scallops, grilled filet of Mediterranean sea bass, bouillabaisse, roasted free-range chicken or veal Milanese to name a few. For dessert (which is complimentary to moms) there is chocolate bread pudding, crème caramel panna cotta or warm seasonal fruit cobbler with gelato.

This is the 100th anniversary of America’s official celebration of Mother’s Day. President Woodrow Wilson signed a Joint Resolution designating the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day in 1914. This came after years crusading by Anna Jarvis, a woman who never married and never had children, but wanted to remember and honor her own mother and all the mothers in the land. Her mother died in 1905 and Anna had the church filled with carnations, which she said symbolized pure love. The author Julia Ward Howe contributed to the campaign and it gained support culminating with the official signing in 1914. Today the carnation is the floral symbol of Mother’s Day and Anna Jarvis is known as “the mother of Mother’s Day.”

A cosmopolitan restaurant in the heart of the downtown Sarasota, Cafe Americano specializes in world-view menus enhanced by international wines. Dine inside or under shade on the street-side patio and savor the lively ambience of historic Five Points and the city’s arts district. Your Mother’s Day dinner promises to be memorable.

Cafe Americano is located at 1409 Main Street in downtown Sarasota at Five points near the historic roundabout. Look for the chic red awnings and wide welcoming outdoor patio. Cafe Americano is open daily from 7:30 a.m. until 10 p.m. and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. 365-1026.