The Young Days of Summer - Flavors & More Magazine celebrates June

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Children are looking forward to summer camp, family vacations, no homework and play days at beach. Moms say goodbye to the heat of the kitchen as dad takes over the grill and sides of salads, fruits, and farm-stand produce make up the menu. 

At Flavors & More we love June as much as you do and in our June issue of Flavors & More magazine, you find the results of Doc Lawrence’s hunt for the best biscuits in the south. If you love authentic, flakey buttery biscuits you’ll want to read what he learned traveling (and tasting) on the biscuit road.

Marsha Fottler thinks you should be grilling salads this month and has both encouragement and techniques. She also has best garden tips for your June landscape. And Chelsea Ferguson has no-bake dessert you can make with children that are guaranteed to please the whole family as well as summer guests.

Steven V. Philips, our resident product design expert, has new kitchen gadgets that will make your everyday vegetables look like they emerged from a three-star Michelin chef’s kitchen. And finally, Herb Gardener, wonders if food has become the new alternative to art. Has what we eat gone beyond nourishment to become something that we’ve raised to high culture? It’s definitely worth talking about over the dinner table.

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