Sarasota's Eat Here is now open for lunch

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Took a friend to lunch at Eat Here in Sarasota’s best little urban park last week and we were both totally happy with the experience. We ate outside in the plaza at a high-top near the fountain.

Owner Sean Murphy has selected about a dozen things from the night time menu, tweaked them slightly and moved them up to lunch.

So, now when you take a noon break from work or errands you can enjoy tempting specialties such as lobster tacos, a burger (bring your big appetite), Murphy’s famous tomato soup with Maytag bleu cheese, kale Caesar salad, meatloaf sandwich or a hot dog that Murphy calls the “heart attack.” The all-beef dog is wrapped in bacon and deep fried. It’s served with a side of fries and sauce. No 911 call necessary, it’s purely delicious and good for your soul if not your diet.

You can always walk and take the long way back to the office. Lunch averages $10 and it’s one of the best deals in town. It is served Monday-Friday from 11:30 until 2:30. Enjoy lunch indoors at both traditional and community tables, on the covered deck, and in the park patio around the fountain. Murphy’s unpretentious eat here is located at 1888 Main Street in Sarasota’s most popular urban park.

Great setting, wonderful food and you’ll see lots of people you know. A good food buzz travels fast in this town.

Downtown Sarasota’s Eat Here has been voted Best New Restaurant by the Sarasota-Herald Tribune, SARASOTA Magazine, SRQ magazine and Florida Trend magazine.

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