Fox Restaurant Equipment & Supply has premium products at great prices

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Foodies, homemakers, and chefs alike, we love our gadgets from blenders, mini food processors to knives, and more. Most people pay high bucks for products, and they may not work as well as advertised leading to frustration. If you cook a lot at home or have a gift to buy for a real foodie, the secret is now out-- shop like a chef and save money at a real local restaurant supply store.

Fox Restaurant Equipment & Supply has premium products at great prices including one of my favorites, the Emerson blender, which will will last for as long as you continue to cook for about a third less than many stores.

One of my favorite cooking tips includes using restaurant pans that can go straight from the stove top to the oven. Look for the blue handled pans at Fox to get this great feature. I keep about 6 in the cabinet for sauteing and outdoor cooking.

Their knives, mini knife sharpening stones and the BestGrip oven mitts are all part of my collection.

Click here for your tour of all things for the kitchen that chefs love at home! -Chef Judi

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