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BBQ Pork Sliders                              

Oak & Stone                                                                               

 Measurements:                Ingredients:

2 ea                       Costanzas Slider Buns

A/N                        Clarified Butter

A/N                        Non-Stick Spray

4 oz                        Shredded Pork Butt

1.5 oz                    Stout BBQ Sauce

3 oz                        Sweet Vinegar Slaw

2 ea                       Pork Crackling

1 TBL                     Jalapeno Aioli

2 ea                       Bamboo Knot Picks

4 ea                       House Pickles

1 ea                       Black Rectangle Plate


1)            Split the slider buns and butter the inside of top of bottom buns and place onto flat top

2)            Once buns are toasted, flip over to griddle the outside of each bun, do not over cook      

3)            Spray a small sauté pan with cooking spray and place over a medium eye-burner               

4)            Add Pork to pan, and then add BBQ to pork                                                                         

5)            Sauté till hot, stirring to mix and avoid burning                                                                  

6)            On the bottom on half of each bun, place half the BBQ Pork mixture                                                        

7)            Place 1.5 oz of slaw onto the pork on each slider                                                               

8)            Place one pork crackling onto the slaw on each slider                                                                      

9)            Squeeze 1/2 TBL of Jalapeno Aioli onto the inside of each top bun                                                             

10)          Place top bun onto slider and skewer with bamboo pick to hold in place                                                 

11)          Place sliders onto plate with a 3" space between                                                                              

12)          Place 4 slices of house pickles in a pile between sliders