Details of Sarasota's homeless study have been released

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SARASOTA, FL- Details from the long awaited homeless report were release at the Sarasota Tiger Bay Club meeting.  About four months ago Sarasota county hired a homelessness consultant to examine the problem in the area.  Tuesday Dr. Robert Marbut broke down portions of his study and he says if the community follows his recommendations the homeless population will be drastically reduced.   "If you do the hole system you can get a little over an 80 percent reduction in your street homelessness," added Marbut.

That system includes the construction of 5 new homeless facilities that will be spread throughout the county. Four of which will be for families and one the street population.  In addition Marbut says law enforcement must also change their approach.  He recommends reducing the number of homeless people arrested for sleeping in public and other quality of life ordinances and instead transport them to shelters.

Coming up on ABC-7 at 6pm we look at more of Marbuts recommendation and find out how the community is responding.