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Curious item on Tuesday's Sarasota City Commission agenda

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SARASOTA, Fla. -- When Sarasota City Commissioners meet Tuesday afternoon at Sarasota City Hall, one of the items on the agenda involves its information technology department.

That in itself may not sound compelling. But when you hear it may involve whistle blowing, computer security, management issues and turn-over--it starts to sound a little more interesting.

ABC 7 has learned someone sent some information to Commissioner Susan Chapman that she then shared with Commissioners involving a possible breach in security, operational issues, and low-morale.

The IT department has about ten employees and is involved in nearly every city hall department. Sources says IT is important to monitoring the City.

Just three weeks ago, Director of Information Technology Phil Hurwitz resigned without another job lined up. Sources say less than 2 years ago he moved his family to the area.

Hurwitz is the city's 5th IT director in the past ten years.

He came in after a previous allegations involving misuse of the city's email system.

That ended in the resignation of former City Manager Robert Bartollotta.