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Cow moooves into owner's home during Hurricane Irma

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MYAKKA CITY, FL (WWSB) - SnickerDoodle the cow survived Hurricane Irma after being taken into her owner's home.

The cow belongs to the homeowner's daughter, Bailey, who could not bear the thought of SnickerDoodle riding out the storm alone in the pasture. 

The family was happy to have the cow inside as the winds blew debris all over the property. The cow meanwhile, probably relieved to be out of the wind, appeared unsure of what to make of her new surroundings. 

As Hurricane Irma raged outside, SnickerDoodle hung out with Bailey, who read a book out loud to help keep her pal calm. 

The effort worked, in the end SnickerDoodle and the family made it through the storm safely.