County to buy beach house and property

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ENGLEWOOD, FL - Sarasota County residents will soon own a beach house. Commissioners approving nearly two and half million dollars for the property to expand Blind Pass Beach Park on Manasota Key.

At a little under two acres the property sits next door to the Hermitage Artist Retreat.

The property was submitted through the Environmental and Parkland Acquisition program. A little portion of property taxes goes into it. The program was re-approved by voters in 2005 and runs through 2029.

The property can be used to expand parking and beach access. Basically more beach now. Carolyn Brown with the county's parks and recreation department says it is a perfect fit. "There is very specific criteria we have to follow like connectivness to other Sarasota County property, beach front. A laundry list of things that make it fit a criteria for acquisition. We are now able to get it. It is a great opportunity because that opportunity would probably not exist in the future."

The property was actually targeted by the county as far back as 1986. The county approving the contract to be drawn up and baring any major set backs it's a done deal.

County leaders are hoping to strike a deal with the Hermitage  to help maintain the property.