Toxic, contaminated drywall was found in Lamarque Elementary School.

When a child is sick a parent keeps them home from school for the day. They give them some medicine and a little tender loving care! But

What do you do when your school is sick? These are the questions being asked by the faculty of LaMarque Elementary School, located in North Port, Florida.

No one could figure out what has plagued this school since it opened its doors in 2005. Children and staff have constantly been sick, so often that portable classrooms were brought in by the Sarasota County School District.

Finally on January 25, 2013, an individual sent a newspaper article to a North Port resident named, Charles A Hummer. I am that person and I have a Contaminated United States Gypsum Drywall house. For over the past 5 plus years I have become an expert in Chinese and American Contaminated Drywall. I am also a Victim as well as being a 100% Disabled Veteran. I experienced what it is like to go through being poisoned by chemicals, over 40 plus years ago while serving in Vietnam. I was exposed to Agent Orange.

As I read the article it became clear to me that I recognized some familiar statements that were being said about the school. I am a parent as well as being a Grandfather to five children. Although I have no family attending LaMarque, I felt it was my duty to make a house call and see if I could help.

As I walked into the first set of doors, and then through the second set, I detected an odor that I know all too well. I went into the office, and proceeded to speak with the staff there. I was referred to call the Facilities Office, and speak with Jody Dumas, who was in charge of all school maintenance.

I have met people every day that are in denial, skeptical, or just not aware or educated enough about the drywall situation. I feel it is my obligation to try and educate those who wish to learn, and especially those who hold titles, and are in such a capacity as Mr. Dumas is in. I have had to fight for the children for almost the last year. This has covered two school years, and yet these people in charge continually fail to protect our children. Those responsible for making the decisions, should have done their due diligence, many months ago, and if they had done this, out children would not still be in this school! Jody Dumas

and whomever else making decisions, finally chose to do the right tests. I just received the results recently, and I am furious as the results tested very high in two of the three chemicals, off-gassed by the drywall.

I am telling everyone, as a father, a grandfather, and an Expert in Chinese and American Drywall, the children need to get out of there, and the school closed until it is made safe again! If I had a child going there, I would remove them immediately from the school.

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