Christopher Brantley

Christopher heads up the South Sarasota County Bureau for ABC7 after joining the ABC 7 team in 2012 as a news photographer.

Born and raised in Sarasota with a brief stint in Gainesville, the Suncoast is the only true home for Christopher.

During his senior year of high school ABC 7 offered him a ONE day internship. He never left.

After graduation from Suncoast Polytechnical High School in 2012, Christopher’s internship paid off not only with real world experience but with a job as a news photographer. During his "photoging" days he covered a wide variety of stories from an Iraq War soldier returning home to greet his children to the plane crash at New College that claimed the life of the pilot. Christopher told the news through the lens of a camera.

In 2014, Christopher’s dream of becoming an on-air journalist with ABC 7 became a reality. Ever since then, he has worked to bring the most important stories to the Suncoast. Whether it’s covering damage after a storm, turtle nesting season or even a rib fest, you can bet that Christopher’s drive for knowledge will lead him there.

One of the biggest honors he’s had was traveling on assignment with the Honor Flight to Washington D.C. While it was freezing and raining all day, the veterans who made that whirlwind trip were so eager to see the monuments built for them. Their stories were so moving, ranging from areas in the rice patties of Vietnam to the Korean War. During that entire experience it wasn’t just the rain spilling tears.

He says interviewing high profile politicians or celebrities who visit the Suncoast is a remarkable venture. More often than not, though, it’s the people you don’t expect to meet, the ones with stories so remarkable you can’t help but tell them. Those are the people Christopher works for. They inspire him to live out the dictionary definition of journalism, to gather, assess and present the news.

If you see Christopher walking down the street, in the mall or sitting at a restaurant, feel free to stop him and say hi! Maybe he’ll tell you how old he really is.