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Complaints about dead fish at Nathan Benderson Park during fundraiser walk

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SARASOTA COUNTY, FL (WWSB) - It was a memorable event in more ways than one for folks who participated in Saturday's Walk to End Alzheimer's.

"Some of the people that were with us started saying my throat's a little sore and a couple of started coughing a little bit," said Lori Brosseau, a Care Coordinator with Home Instead Venice.

That's what Brosseau and many others were feeling at Nathan Benderson Park during a walk-a-thon charity event, including a group of elderly people.  She says there appeared to be at least 200 dead fish in the lake just floating around.

"Somebody said it smells a little bit like red tide and I said my throat is a little bit sore too and then we started seeing a dead fish, then another dead fish," said Brosseau.  "As we're going like not a big clump of them but every little step along the way there was another dead fish in the water."

Brosseau's daughter Gabriella participated in the walk as well.  Although she's feeling better, it was a little different story for her on Saturday.

"When we started walking and seeing all the dead fish, I noticed that my coughing started to pick back up again and I started to have more of an itchy throat that I was already dealing with," said Gabriella Brosseau.

In a statement that we had received from SANCA, the organization that oversees Nathan Benderson Park, it's president says "We are currently working closely with Florida Fish And Wildlife Conservation Commission to investigate the recent issue of dead fish surfacing within the lake at Nathan Benderson Park.  We are hopeful in working with FWC to find an explanation and to resolve this soon."  The Brosseau's and others do want answers as to how this happened.

"I was surprised, normally after the Alzheimer's walk, there's usually about 30 minutes to an hour, usually even more than that of the vendors being out offering sandwiches and stuff," said Lori Brosseau.  "And instead by the time we came off the gangplank, everybody was already packing up and gone."