Facebook:We Should Reflect Ourselves to the School Shooting

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The school shooting happened in the Ameican has made all of us feel sad.But we should know that what caused this tragedy and how should we avoid this tragedy happen in the future,especially for the parents,how should they to tell their children that schools are safe .Restoring the sense of security in school will take time. They should not let young children watch news coverage of the shootings, and might warn older children and teenagers away from looking for news and disturbing video of the tragedy on Twitter,get on facebook Facebook and other sites they can access via smartphones. If the child has questions, parents should answer directly and in a straightforward way, Parents should keep in mind that grief, distress, anxiety and worse are normal human reactions to news that little children have been gunned down in their classroom, not signs of psychological illness. All in all ,there would be more for us to reflect since this tragedy happened yesterday.And we should consider what is the right thing that is helpful to make the society to be normal again.

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