Clear the blocks to visit your favorite Facebook at Work and School

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It is terrific feeling surfing the Internet , with people freely sharing and accessing information here and there . However, many employers and schools block access to certain websites such as Facebook to preserve the productivity of their employees and improve students’scoring grades,or some other reasons .Your teachers demand that study come first,spend the time on your study . And your employers still insists that those reports be finished before sharing pictures on Facebook. Luckily we have solutions to unblock Facebook.
Sometimes legitimate websites that you actually need to get your work done are blocked, or Maybe you're on break you would like to get on Facebook . For those times, you may want to consider setting up and using network of proxy servers that can reroute your Mac's Internet traffic, bypassing any filters that your company or school may have set up.Setting up your computer to connect to the proxy servers is an easy task thanks to some well-developed software available for Mac, Linux, and Windows. There’s even a browser plugin bundle, but it’s currently in beta.With the facebook proxy , you can access Facebook anytime and anywhere. 
There are some things to remember when using the proxy server(or really, any computer on the Internet). You should also remember that it is proper not to abuse the network (by staying connected to it for longer than you need to use it for), as the network is powered by volunteer Internet connections. Also, remember that because the proxy server is rerouting your Internet traffic, your IP Address may appear to be from a different location (or even a different country). And finally consider accessing through a different proxy that you can find a good list of at . Remember that you clear your cache after using proxies.
We can try other spare way.Just have a shot at getting on Facebook using its mobile-specific version.Facebook is available as which can be used to access Facebook on smart phones and tablet computers. So, try logging into Facebook with this address on your workplace or school computer and see whether you get access to the site.
Instead of typing the direct address of ( Facebook on your browser's address bar, try entering its IP address (the signature in the form of numbers which represents each and every site on the internet.) you can find out the exact IP address of Facebook from the WHOIS tool .
You do not have to be a computer expert,if all the above way works fine,it will never bother you for accessing Facebook.

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