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What is a good Halloween candy policy for your child?

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(CNN) - Halloween has come and gone, but one night of trick or treating can lead to a weeks supply of candy.

If you don't have a candy policy for your kids, Halloween might be a good time to start one.

The World Health Organization says kids daily caloric intake from sugar should be about 10-percent of total calories.

However, the CDC says it's, unfortunately, much higher than that.

Even on non-Halloween days, they say about 16-percent of boys' daily calorie intake comes from added sugar, and girls are getting about 15-percent.

Setting limits for how much candy kids consume can be good, as long as guidelines are realistic, consistent, and positive.

Some experts suggest one piece of candy per year of age, like allowing a five-year-old five pieces of Halloween candy a day.

Also, consider storing that candy in a central location in the home instead of a child's bedroom.

And if you're concerned about your children's teeth, some dentists suggest chocolate as their preferred choice because it doesn't stick to the teeth and it melts away in the mouth.

It also contains the anti-bacterial tannin, that can get rid of some bacteria in the mouth.