Jul. 24, 2014 10:33 am
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racial and ethnic diversity, tolerance, race relations, community outreach
Here you will find a place like none other where we cover an impressive span of change, division, and progress in our community. We hope you will take advantage of the opportunity to learn and share the complex issues that can best be called American History.
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Throughout the years, African Americans have proven to be true patriots. Despite the history of racial discrimination against them; like it or not this is a part of the American story and Black Almanac remains an essential component of the telling of that story.
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The Thurgood Panel Discussions are for those interested in learning more about the themes of the play and how it relates to society today. The 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement and the 150th Anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, entices us to ask: How far have we come? How far do we still have to go?