Three Sarasota Memorial Hospital Nurses Honored as "Amazing Suncoast Women"

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SARASOTA, FL (WWSB) - On April 11th three Sarasota Memorial Hospital Nurses had an experience they will never forget.

When their shift ended that day, they headed home.

Samantha Perrin says, "I went the back road which is a road I never take. And I came upon this accident. I saw a gentleman evacuating children off a school bus, and I saw children along the road crying."

A car had pulled out in front of the bus, causing the crash. The bus was carrying 12 special needs children from Oak Park School and 2 adults.

Neither the ambulance or paramedics had arrived yet. As Samantha ran to help the children, another nurse from her team at Sarasota Memorial suddenly arrived. Liz Cook says, "I

came around the corner and fell upon the accident. The children were all over the side of the road. First responders weren't there yet, so I ran over and began to help."

Liz was also taking a route home she had never taken before.

She says, "It was fate. That accident was a big deal. The kids were special needs kids and none of them could speak. They were frightened, confused, and panicked and they needed help immediately. "

Then out of the blue, a third nurse from their team at Sarasota Memorial Hospital arrived. She was also taking a route home from work that she had never taken before.

The third nurse, Robyn Morgan, says, "I call it a God thing, because I never go up that road, when I turned to go that way I said to myself, Now why did I turn here, I never go this way."

Then she saw it.

"I saw the children scattered along the road, and Samantha and Liz helping them. And I just stopped my care in the middle of the road where it was. The EMS and first responders had just arrived so I helped with triage."

The three nurses worked as a team with the paramedics and EMS.

Robyn says, "We were in our scrubs because we had just left work. The Paramedics said here are some gloves, and we got to work. It's what we do at the hospital, it's what we're trained for. And we're trained as a team, so we were just doing what we do everyday at the hospital."

The kids were taken to Sarasota Memorial, and one transferred to All Children's Hospital. But they're all ok now.

The emergency responders thanked the nurses profusely for their help. And Sarasota Memorial Hospital honored them as heroes. The nurses are just grateful they were there to help. And they are still amazed that for some strange reason they all took a route home that day that they had never taken before.

Liz says, "I guess I was supposed to be there. I believe that we were all supposed to be there. There is no other way to say it, because none of us go that way."